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Once Upon a Time…

Since the beginning of mankind, humans have loved hearing fairy tales, as they bring us into a world of dreams, and for a little while we are transported into a land of fantasy and magic.

In this literary work sprinkled with dusts of magic, the author conveys to us all the deeper understandings, which are so often hidden in our hearts, and brings to the reader, in a most enjoyable way, insights that can help us in our day-to-day lives.

Once Upon a Time… is a delightful collection of fairy tales heavily suffused with spiritual messages that communicate to readers of all ages!


Judge’s Commentary:

ONCE UPON A TIME: SPIRITUAL FAIRY TALES by Patricia Palenzona is a beautiful collection of fairy tales that are uplifting, sweet, and worthwhile. Thought-provoking, yet simple, these stories will bless every heart, soul, spirit, and mind. This book is a true keeper. I hope personal and public libraries across the world will be blessed by this lovely book.

ONCE UPON A TIME is beautifully packaged and produced. I love that it is in hardback. Anyone would be proud to give this book as a gift and privileged to receive such a lovely volume. The back cover blurb describes the inside stories perfectly. The author’s life sounds wonderful. Her portrait portrays a face as gorgeous as her spirit must be. I’m so glad the author chose to include a picture!

All of the tales are captivating. One of my favorites is THE MAGICIAN. I wish everyone could and would remember that we are so much more than our youthful bodies. We are truly our spirits, and we should be careful to cultivate and maintain beautiful spirits. I like how the tales are short, and one can contemplate them. They can even be used as meditations. I love this book. Great job!